About Us

Golden Crane Vintage was created in 2012 by Lucía García, a vintage enthusiast and collector raised by two antiques dealers.

Based in Madrid, Golden Crane Vintage celebrates a timeless and classic style with touches of modernity,romance and femininity,enriched with the soul and story behind our vintage and antique pieces.

Our collection covers a wide range of eras,with an eye for fashion relevancy,quality materials and well-made pieces.

In contrast to the “fast fashion” concept, our process remains the same: detailed,slow and delicate.Each piece is carefully hand picked,repaired and cleaned, so that our costumers can continue with the recycling game by owning a unique vintage garment.

We like to think of our pieces as small bits of history that connect us with the past in a very beautiful way, while at the same time they invite us to continue adding experiences to them in the present.